• Founded in 2009
• Headquarters: Istanbul, Turkey
• Sector: Online Matchmaking
• Later Stage

eÇift is a subscription based online premium matchmaking service in Turkey that has more than 4,000,000 registrations. The company targets educated and mature users, looking for serious, long-term relationships – clearly distinguishing itself from dating, flirting, or other casual websites The product is separated into two subscriptions; freemium (limited services) and a subscription model. The freemium model attracts new users that can later be turned into paying subscribers. Currently, the online dating market is on the rise and has not seen any decline in the number of new subscribers. eÇift’s focus on the Turkish market may well lead to a competitive advantage. First, the Turkish market has yet to be penetrated and second, millions of Turkish people living outside Turkey are often keen to meet people with the same origin. Therefore, we understand eCift as a promising candidate to emerge as the market leader/ assume the position as the market leader.