amaysim gewinnt den Canstar Blue Award für allgemeine Kundenzufriedenheit im mobilen Markt

Deutscher Erfolg im fernen Australien. Das Portfoliounternehmen amaysim konnte in diesen Tagen den begehrten Canstar Blue Award in der Kategorie „Overall Mobile Customer Satisfaction in the prepaid mobile phone service providers category“ gewinnen. Mit diesem Preis unterstreichen die deutschen Gründer die Erfolgsgeschichte im australischen Markt.

CEO Rolf Hansen schreibt dazu im amaysim Blog: “

Hi everyone, it’s Rolf (the chief) here again, popping my head out of the miserable Sydney weather – it’s actually kind of like an average German summer day.
While we’re not in this business to win awards, when we do it feels bloody good.
On that note I’m pretty happy to tell you that we’ve won the Canstar Blue Award for Overall Mobile Customer Satisfaction in the prepaid mobile phone service providers category, with a five star ranking across the board. That’s right, we received the full marks in overall satisfaction, value for money, service, accessibility, billing and network coverage (yep, our network ranking was higher than the carriers … I’m scratching my head a bit about that one, but love it!).
The great thing about the Canstar Blue Awards is that they’re totally independent, with customers providing feedback directly to a third party. It’s this fact – that the winners are decided by customers – that makes the winning this award so satisfying.
This news also coincides with the results of our latest customer survey which has our Net Promoter Score (NPS) sitting at 58 per cent. The NPS measures customer satisfaction and loyalty with a brand and is typically pretty poor for telcos, so we’re buzzing to see we’re achieving a score that’s as rare as hen’s teeth for our industry. We’re not cheering because of the bragging rights it gives us, but we’re smiling because it means that, nearly three years in, we’re delivering on our promise of setting a cat amongst the pigeons of an industry that was until recently asleep at the wheel.
Hey, I know we don’t always get it right (and our customers are great at letting us know when we don’t as well as when we do), but it’s news like this that makes me even prouder to be working with such an awesome, no bull Aussie team like we’ve got here at amaysim. They’re the ones making sure we provide good value, which means solid service and not just low prices.
Anyway, I’m off to the trophy cabinet with this one so bye for now.
Cheers Rolf – the chief“
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